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Imagine ; Make ; Code ; Play ;


Compatibility with other product:

LEGO® Compatibility

Extend your creativity with LEGO®
Cubroid Coding Blocks are seamlessly

compatible with LEGO® products.

Compatible with Scratch

Cubroid can be operated through the Scratch programming platform when the master block

is connected to a PC with a USB cable


Programming Platforms

Intuitive and simple 3-level platform

LEVEL 1. Coding Cubroid 2 (Smartphone or Tablet)

Our controller app (go! Cubroid) has been added as a component to the Coding Cubroid 2 & 3 app
to enable you control your assembled robot without having to code directly.

Coding Cubroid 2 & 3 Apps are specially designed for the mobile platforms (thus iOS & Android).
Everyone can easily code by just aligning the images by just dragging and dropping.

LEVEL 2. Advanced Cubroid (Only Tablet)

Using the Advanced Coding app, you can code various motions and sensor values
according to the function of each coding block. 
Learn to use programming principles, constructs, controls, triggers and conditions.

LEVEL 3. Scratch 2.0 

Take your programming skills to the next level by using our Scratch Coding Platform.
Scratch Mode is recommended for advanced users who want to hone their coding skills,
create a much more exciting robot and see their wildest imaginations come to life!

Available Sets:

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    ARTIBO AI Robot

    1,190.00 SR

    Make your own AI robot! AI Coding Block, ARTIBO Experience AI by using ARTIBO's camera and microphone!   - Compatibal with Cubroid Coding Blocks ...

    View full details
    1,190.00 SR