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When it comes to kids dress-up costumes, the more open-ended, the better! All of the dress-up clothes available at Sarah's Silks are inspired by Waldorf kindergarten classrooms, where children play with simple toys that can be used many times over for any purpose they can imagine. Our silk costumes are used for all sorts of pretend play: capes turn kids into superheros, wings help them take flight and knight costumes bring out their bravery. That's the beauty of our kids dress-up clothes: imagination has to be added to bring the costume to life! View all the kids costumes in our collection today, and remember to browse our other silks to go with them.

  • Sarah's Silk Garlands (Blossom)

    45.00 SR

    A stretchy elastic band (18"-28"), wrapped in soft, 100% real silk fits comfortably on even the most sensitive little ones.  Finished with a satin ...

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    45.00 SR