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Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 48 Piece Deluxe Set

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439.00 SR

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors are translucent and brightly colored, like stained glass!

Build creativity with the Magna-Tiles Set! This set features translucent shapes to allow your child to create a colourful masterpiece. Each tile edge is magnetized so your child can connect them to build anything they can imagine. If you can click it, you can create it! Not only are Magna-Tiles fun, but they also help develop fine motor skills as kids stack, build, count, match and "click" together their creations. This set allows your child to create flat or 3-dimensional structures. All original Magna-Tiles building sets are compatible for your convenience. These durable tiles are built to provide years of quality use.


  • 12 Small Squares.
  • 3 Large Squares.
  • 9 Equilateral Triangles.
  • 10 Right Triangles.
  • 6 Isosceles Triangles.
  • 1 Wheeled Chassis.
  • 2 Imagination Pieces.
  • 2 Equilateral Triangles - Hole Punched.
  • 1 Arch.
  • 1 Square Door Frame.
  • 1 Magnetic Hinged Door.

Recommended age: +3 years