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Built in Saudi Arabia with 💚

Twipea Basic Set

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Fuel for the brain. Developing fine motor skills. Winning a Reddot Award, one of the world’s three major design awards, TWIPEA is recognized as a world-class building block. This Kit for TWIPEA Basic Set. You can make many forms with both of our nonmagnetic flat blocks and peanut-shaped blocks.

Blocks are transparent. The color looks more beautiful when playing with light. In order to maximize the advantages of using transparent blocks, we manufacture and sell light boxes and mirror tables as separate items.
  • 130 Pieces - 20 Squares, 20 Triangles, 20 Rectangles, 10 Peanut Joints, 10 Bean Joints, 20 Big Hinges, 20 Small Hinges, 4 Wheels with 4 Wheel Joints, 2 Sillicons
  • Easy to carry around
  • TWIPEA blocks are compatible with LEGO.
  • The hinges make it possible to bend and unfold so that three-dimensional things can be expressed.
  • Connection method that didn’t exist before
  • Made in Korea

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